I'm Confused

I just watched the ABC Nightline Special on "Does Satan Exist." One of the featured speakers responded to the question, "You speak as if God and good exist and are just experienced, while evil and satan are fairy tales. But at the same time you hold true that Good and Evil are different sides of the infinite. I don't understand how your argument says that evil must exist for good to exist, and that you hold to a God that is real, but you don't think satan is real."

The featured guest said, "Any time you put conditions on God or think of God you put limitations on his being. By thinking of God you think of something finite, but you can't do that because God is infinite."

.... So You can't think of God because God is infinite and any thought you have of God is finite. Yet you just had an idea about what is inifite. How can you have a finite idea about the infinite when your argument clearly states you can't. Pretty sure this is a logical fallacy...

... And the other guy said "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." If this was true, then science is completely fallacious.

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